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Trial #2 - Backyard Avenger™ and Mosquito Magnet® Pro

Test Set Up

This trial is a continuation of trial#1. This particular trial ran from 9/1/02 through 9/11/02, operating 24 hours per day. The Backyard AVENGER units only had a lactic acid mixture in the evaporator container. Carbon Dioxide was not used on the Backyard AVENGER as it was being created by the Mosquito Magnet® Pro through the combustion of propane.

Final counts of the catch from the respective units calculated based on the density determined by the physical counts made in trial #1 and the volume occupied.

The Results - 90% Greater Yield with the Backyard AVENGER™!


A. Mosquito Magnet® Pro - Estimated=9,600 female mosquitoes
B. Backyard Avenger™ Final design - Estimated = 18,400 female mosquitoes
C. Backyard Avenger™ Prototype 1 - Estimated=11,500 female mosquitoes
D. Backyard Avenger™ Prototype 2 - Estimated=13,800 female mosqitoes



  Density of Catch Mosquitoes/24hr
Mosquito Magnet® Pro 32/ml 960
Backyard AVENGER™ 46/ml 1,840


Notice the daily reduction in the number of mosquitoes caught per day from Trial #1!


Mosquito Magnet is a registered trademark of American Biophysics Corp.


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